Shazam Enterprises are manufacturers of PVC Pipes including SCH40, DWV and CPVC pipes.

PVC is used by plumbers, pool installers, and local building and construction regulations set the safety and materials standards that such pipe must meet. Because different types of installations require different types of pipe, PVC pipe can be bought in various grades known as “schedules”.

The most commonly used schedule is schedule 40, often referred to as “SCH 40”. Usually schedule 40 pipe is white. In some areas of the United States and in Canada, SCH 40 is gray. The next schedule offered for sale is SCH 80, a type of pipe that is usually gray, and has a thicker wall making it better for high pressure applications. A sturdier variety, called SCH 120, is available as well, but usually hard to find.

SDR PVC pipe has the same outside diameter as Schedule 40 for the same nominal size, but its wall thickness is less (it’s thinner and lighter).

There are other types of plastic pipe:
CPVC, use for high temperature, high pressure applications.
Clear PVC pipe, used in food and corrosive applications or to just make your gun look cool!

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Pipe CPVCCPVC- (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride) – This pipe is used in for hot water applications, and is made to withstand 7bar (100psi) at 82 degrees centigrade. Conforms to ASTM D 2846 copper tube sizing.
PVC Pipe DWVDWV (Drain, Waste & Vent) pipes are used only in non- pressure drain, waste and vent application such as the plumbing in building construction. DWV Pipes or otherwise referred to as SDR (Standard Dimensional Ratio) pipes, are usually regarded as waste water pipes and are available in various sizes, most common are SDR 45 and SDR 64. SDR pipes are also used in semi-pressure application such as underground installation at various SDR rating such as SDR 41 & SDR 32.5.
PVC Pipe SCH40PipesThis type of pipe is used in the transportation of potable water to a building. We manufacture the following types of pressure pipe:

Pipes are manufactured to 5.8 meter length

ASTM D1785 Schedule 40 ————————————1/2″ – 6″
ASTM D2241- Solvent Joint————————————1/2’’- 6’’

SDR 13.5 SDR 17 SDR 21 SDR 32.5 SDR 41
Galvanized Pipe
Black Steel Pipe