Paint Brushes

Fleetwood  Jamaica  Limited  are  producers  of  high  quality  home decorating products,  suitable  for  the  professional  painting  contractor and the  ever-growing  “Do-It-yourself”  market.  Each  item  is  designed  to  the highest specification  with  emphasis  on  quality  and  reliability,  which is the expectation of Fleetwood by consumers.

All products are quality controlled and have our full manufacturer’s warranty.

The Fleetwood range includes:-
– Paint Brushes
– Paint Rollers
– Wall Filler
– Domestic Mops
– HDPE Plastic Bottles

Fleetwood products have been available throughout the length and breadth of Jamaica and several other CARICOM countries building in the meantime, a loyal customer base.

Click the poster to find out more about Fleetwood Jamaica Limited and their product range.

Paint Brush DIY
Paint Brush STD
Paint Brush Trade
Paint Roller 9″
Paint Roller Sleeve
Paint Roller Frame 9″
Mop Only – Mop
Mop Only – Dry Mop
Mop Handle
Plaster Filler