The company started 20 years ago by the Management team of ALI’S HARDWARE AND METAL FABRICATORS LTD of Union Road Marabella, Trinidad; the parent company of SHAZAM ENTERPRISES AND INVESTMENTS LTD.  ALI’S HARDWARE itself was founded 45 years ago by MR. SHAFFIAT ALI and MRS. SALIMA ALI.  From its humble beginning, Ali’s Hardware grew to become a major wholesaler and retailer of hardware and building products. Shazad Ali the Managing Director of Shazam Enterprises continued from ALI’S HARDWARE to establish a company that would grow in the future into an exemplary organization moving ahead in a time of much change in the global marketplace.

Shazam Enterprises has been involved in the importing and distributing of a range of hardware products, principal of which have been PVC pipes and fittings. The demand in the market for quality products at competitive prices brought a change to our strategy. In 2013 Shazam Enterprises decided to venture into the manufacturing of PVC pipes. In 2014 Shazam Enterprises started manufacturing PVC pipes. Since then Shazam has developed the ability and skill to steadily manufacture quality PVC pipes that meets international standards. The quality of our PVC pipes has given Shazam the opportunity to competitively export to the Caribbean region.

Winning awards from TTMA in 2015 and 2016 is testimony to the fact that Shazam as an organization has risen to the task and will continue to improve God willing.

Union Road Marabella was the genesis of Shazam Enterprises. The evolution of the organization from retail to manufacturing was a giant step requiring a paradigm shift in strategy and operations. Many man-hours went into research, learning, training, planning, resourcing, sourcing and then finally into executing for ‘Go Live’ in 2014. Our winning the awards of New Market Entrant – 2015 and   Manufacturer of the Year 2016 – Medium size category was exciting for us for many reasons. These awards confirmed to us that our vision and strategy maintained focus. Winning the awards also reinforced our impetus to remain unrelenting in our pursuit of excellence, for the pride lay in the fact that we were manufacturing locally a product of international standards; able to meet the requirements of our customers.

“Proudly manufactured in TT” is a vision and an aim for us at Shazam Enterprises. Locally manufactured means to us firstly that TT has the skills and resources to provide a level of independence from imported goods. At Shazam Enterprises manufacturing locally gives us the ability to manage and control our business more efficiently and effectively. This means that we can “see and touch” our product to ensure the best quality is produced for our customers. In-house manufacturing means we can better control costs to ensure the price of our product remains competitive to the advantage of our customers. It is important to us to sustain local manufacturing to be able to provide employment to our national people thereby contributing to local organic growth of our economy.

The growth of the economy is dependent on many factors and sectors. One such is the manufacturing sector of our country. Manufacturers provide employment to the citizens of the country; encourages the development of skills and resources and provide income to the government. Our customers are no less an important stakeholder in the development of our country. Shazam Enterprises supports the local manufacturing sector by encouraging and educating customers on the cost effectiveness of buying locally manufactured products of world class quality. We also believe in sensitizing customers on the opportunities for sustainable employment created by local manufacturing while being patriotic to country by supporting the locally manufactured products. This is an area we at Shazam Enterprises are willing to work with the TTMA in driving the initiative to Support Local/Buy Local.

Shazam Enterprises has been involved in the TIC for the last four years. This event has become our premier sales and marketing event of the year. TIC has been the perfect showcase to expose Shazam Enterprises products and what we do, to the thousands who attended from across the region. Of the many who visited our booths in the past years, several meaningful contacts were established. TIC is a great way of networking and bringing our brand name and products to wholesalers, retailers, homeowners, and entrepreneurs. As we move ahead with our manufacturing and export targets we endeavor to maintain the resource TIC offers as we see many positives in participating in the event.

Shazam Enterprises has shown steady growth in exports since starting its manufacturing department. We are constantly evaluating our position, processes and strategy to increase our leverage while sustaining high quality levels in our manufactured and other products. Our main goal is to ensure that our most valued stakeholders remain satisfied while developing an organization that is honest and ethical in its practices, leading the way in manufacturing and exporting. We intend to continue on the path of manufacturing PVC pipes with plans to increase our product range and market coverage as we move into the future.

Winning the Prestigious TTMA “Manufacturer of the Year” Award represents the united sprit in all of us at Shazam Enterprises. This has fueled our drive for continued prominence in the market place. Shazam Enterprises expresses heartfelt appreciation for the recognition received through this award and commends the TTMA for their valiant efforts in working with their members to attain success.

Shazad Ali
Managing Director
Shazam Enterprises and Investments Limited