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E-Z Weld Solvent

ez-weld-logoE-Z Weld makes a broad range of high-strength PVC, CPVC, and ABS solvent cements, primers, cleaners, and thread sealants ideally formulated for a variety of pipe joining applications.

All products are manufactured under tight quality control methods and meet or exceeds industry standards where applicable. The maximum shelf life on unopened E-Z Weld® solvent cements is 3 years for PVC, primers & cleaners, and 2 years for CPVC products.

Available in regular, medium and heavy bodied formulas, our expansive line of medium and fast-set cements accommodate all schedules and sizes, exceeds ASTM standards and comply with all necessary IAPMO (UPC) industry listings. If your application need is turf management or irrigation, plumbing, industrial, pool and spa or “Do It Yourself”, E-Z Weld® has a range of products to serve that need. That’s why E-Z Weld® boasts as “Americas Most Complete Line of Solvent Cements.”

202 E-Z 1 PVC Cement
203 Pool Pro Combo PVC Cement
207 CPVC Cement
208 Multi Purpose Cement
213 Purple Primer/Cleaner
214 Pipe Cleaner

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